Banting Mayonnaise – 2 Minutes, 3 Ingredients

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started this year with a renewed energy and resolve to making my life even more amazing than it already is.

Even though I lost 50 kgs and reached an all time low of 74kgs. I never did reach my goal weight of 70kgs and I picked up some weight after the dreaded tweet that ruined my marriage.

I ended up at 93Kgs, well that was creeping closer to the 124 than I want, so since I started with my banting on a budget meal plan cos a) I am a single mum now on a super tight budget and I am happy to report that even though I have PCOS (a condition that makes its hard to lose weight) I still lost 8kgs in 10 weeks.

Well here’s why I picked up in the first place. I was still dieting. I did my version which is a combination of Paleo, banting and ketogenic diets. The problem is this I never did accept that this I my lifestyle. I  “withheld” from eating certain foods until I got to a certain weight and then I would stop depriving myself and up and down it went and when my marriage fell apart guess who became any anti anxiety drug. That witch sugar. Geez we have a complicated relationship sugar and I.

This time I am not depriving myself of anything. I just don’t eat sugar anymore. Simple.

With that being said South Africa does not have a wide variety of banting or paleo friendly  options available. Not that it bothers me. I am not interested in overpriced products, when I can cook.

If you know me, you can expect 3 things from my cooking. Inexpensive, uncomplicated and bursting with flavour. I don’t like anything that takes more than 30 minutes. So this recipe is just up my alley.

I love me a bit of mayo, and since I have chosen a lifestyle sans any sugar, store bought mayonnaise has lost its appeal.

Hellman’s mayonnaise which has very low sugar content but at  R50 a jar is a bit pricey also its not 100% Paleo or Banting mayonnaise. Its okay really if you eat an 80/20 Paleo diet.  I decided to make my own and the results are delicious.

What you will need is a mason jar and stick blender. I like the one from Yuppie Chef and you can get a mason jar for under 40 rands.

paleo mayonnaise

3 Ingredient Mayo

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  • 1 cup avocado oil (Available at most retails like checkers or Pick n Pay)
  • 1 extra large egg (preferably organic)
  • 3 tsp of  lemon juice
  • Salt [Optional]


Pop all the ingredients into a mason jar with a wide enough mouth to comfortably allow your blender in. Wait until you see the egg drop to the bottom. Put the blender all the way to the bottom and turn on the highest speed. You will see it become white at the bottom. Lift your blender so that the ingredients at the top also get blended and is creamy. You can add a bit of water.   The whole process should talk under 2 minutes.

Should keep for 4 weeks but its so little I doubt it will last that long. I will make a batch to keep for the full 4 weeks next time.

Flavour Options

I don’t know about you, but I never did listen to the don’t  play with your food. I almost never follow a recipe to the letter. I almost always throw in something else or just use what I have on hand.

Here are things I have tried

Garlicnaise – You can add garlic powder or some finely chopped garlic
Herbinnaise – Add some chopped herbs or even dry herbs I have used thyme, basil and even coriander.
Peppernaise – I like to use ground black pepper corns or mixed coloured peppercorns.
Sweet Mustardnaise – Add a teaspoon of Dijon mustard and some two sweeteners
Onionnaise – Add two teaspoons of onion flakes. Its best to let it sit for a while for the flavour to infuse
Chillinaise   – Add some chilli flakes to the mayonnaise I like to also add one sweetener and its delish.
Perinnaise – Cayene Pepper or Paprika and Curry powder Mixed and add a teaspoon.
Baconnaise – I usually just take the rind of some pork chops and put them in a dish in the microwave and put it in high for 3 minutes until I have some crackling. In the dish you will have about half a cup of bacon fat and you add that to the mayonnaise

Note: When I first made this I used to add sweetener and it was just as delicious. I have since given up sweeterner

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Check out this YouTube video of a coconut oil version.


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